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This story is about a boy called Milo who is taken on a moonlit journey over the Borderlands by the great pale Midnight Hare. When they land in a strange garden, Milo makes discoveries about himself, and about the small brown hare that he loves.

This book, under the imprint Moonwuzo Books, has been a consciously self-generated product. It has never been sent out to publishers, although in the past, over a long career of working in the field of children’s books, I have been published both in this country and abroad.

I had a fondness for the story, which I wrote quickly (though of course there were many changes and tweaks thereafter). The illustrations, though,  took a long time, and had several incarnations. Eventually they took their final form on different shades of brown paper. They were painted with gouache and water-colour, with the additional use of coloured pencils.

This has been such an interesting journey. I am lucky in that we have Martins the Printers nearby, in Berwick upon Tweed, who are experienced in producing books for major publishers.

“Moonwuzo Books” comes from the Moonwuzo, a character in a book of poems and black and white illustrations entitled Old Merlaine, that was published by William Heinemann some time ago.

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