The Midnight Hare: pages 17 and 18


One of the most difficult things to do has been to decide on the page structure of The Midnight Hare. This is one of the few double pages where the words are not integrated into the pictures. I have fiddled around with the width of the margins, and have settled on something in the region of 9mm/10mm, with a 3mm bleed.  I would have liked to have the margins even smaller, but because of setting up the images with the bleed all round, I think I underestimated how narrow  8mm would be. I have not had any straight edges round the paintings, this is deliberate, I wanted a hand-made feel, so the pictures were spilling into the surrounding background, rather than the brown acting as a frame.  I did a lot more work to these two pictures, which has made them more vivid, so I am quite pleased about this. I shall start putting on the text next week, for which I need to use Adobe Acrobat.

The Midnight Hare


coverscanandfront1Moving on to a new stage of the book, and think I will put this cover design in as the first entry in the new Moonwuzo Books website. I have been poring over a book of cover designs and notice that many of the most striking ones have lettering that looks as if it has been hand-written – noticing that, I now feel that something more dynamic is called for here, maybe with a forward slant to mirror the movement across the sky. But the colour of the lettering and the spine I like. It would be more logical to have deep blue for the night time, but I just relish the red, there is a kind of joy in it.  For pre-publication purposes, I need to get this cover done within the next couple of weeks; so it will back out to my studio, aka the Tardis, up in the vegetable garden, where I will try and find a way of jazzing up this lettering.

Many times I have been involved with setting up illustrated books, sending the work off to publishers in London, though lately working with the local publisher Serafina Press I have done the  scans myself. But somehow, with this story, I seem to have a different attitude. Maybe it is because it is totally a one-man band project. I am very lucky in that not that far away in Spittal, Berwick upon Tweed, are some brilliant book printers who will help me through the tangle.