A Page from a Notebook

I have been working on a new story in my octagonal studio, the Tardis in the vegetable garden. This boy is called Finn, or maybe Louis. He meets a girl who has red hair and green eyes, in a wood where he has got lost. Louis comes to live in a house that has been given to his mother and father by Uncle Solomon, a maker of marionettes and toys, who has gone to the Gulf of Mexico. Louis’ mother paints pictures, his father plays the violin, Louis (or Finn) explores the house on his own. There is a cat who does not want to be seen. The pictures will be in crayon of various kinds, with some very fine sepia line here and there. A new departure. I only have a smallish table in the smallish Tardis, and the whole thing is covered in crayons. Yesterday I started a tiny sketch in a particular notebook with extra fine watercolour paper, and the texture just felt right for the medium.

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