The Midnight Hare: Taking to the Air


page 25

The blue tints seem to have worked OK on this picture of the Midnight Hare and Milo flying off above the wood. I overlaid them with various other colours and smoothed them with water, so obviously there is this one particular colour, pale cyan, that the scanner breaks up alarmingly when it is laid directly on the brown background. We came back today with the winter sun glaring straight in our eyes, and I was seeing fleeting patches of magenta and cyan and a kind of mustard yellow all over everything for a while. There was a whiteness to the sun itself and the glare surrounding it, and it made me consider cooling down the yellow in this illustration. On the other hand, the yellow works against the whiteness of the hare; and also enlivens the page, which can get too subdued with the strength of the brown as a base.


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    1. Thanks for that, Maria. Did I never reply? I have found several messages on my websites, I was so involved with the book both photography and the site were put on hold. “The Midnight Hare” is at the printers now. Just picked up that Nielsen had spelt my name wrong on their details, took me the whole afternoon to sort out. But feel great that it is going to exist in a few weeks. Publication date is June 21st this year. Cara

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