Over the Border Hills

MHdoublepage2I am devouring my WordPress book at the moment, my last site was set up by someone who knew what they were doing….  I need more information on my home page, and maybe put all this here now as a blog, but haven’t found out how to do this yet.  At the same time I am looking at my Photoshop book to work out another technical problem.  For a technophobe this is gruelling.

This is the freest painting I have done, I just did it straight out, it will go right across two pages.  The technique is gouache, neocolor crayons and ordinary crayons. Because of the size the paper is different (I prefer working in notebooks) and so the grain is going the other way which helps the look of the thing. The hare’s legs will go right across the page, and because I am having the book perfect-bound rather than stapled, probably a fraction of his limbs will be lost.  But printers are pretty brilliant these days, aided by computers, so I expect the image will not be too damaged. Years ago there were great rooms full of paint and rollers and the quality of the printed image was pretty rubbish; much more satisfying these days….

I suppose all this that I am trying to do now is what is called hard work.  I have worked long hours before, on commissions, staying up all night except for an hour sleeping in my clothes, I like the middle of the night with the radio on softly and no-one about.  But nowadays I am more disciplined in my habits, and work mostly in the morning; except when the winter sun comes in to the little studio at the wrong angle and dazzles the page so that I can see nothing.

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