Above the Hills

above the hills

Today I took out a WordPress plan so that I will be able to sell The Midnight Hare over the Internet – I shall see if this pans out. Don’t have to deal with the technicalities as yet, as the launch date is some months away. I feel that maybe this opening page should be something other than a blog, but basically this is a site about self-publishing a book rather than a strictly commercial site, so we shall see how it goes along. The paintings are nearly finished, I have ordered a flatbed scanner, though I do have an all-in-one already – but I like flatbed scanners, and besides, I know the sod’s law of the mechanical conk-out at the crucial moment, so it is better to make an effort to be prepared. The first priority now is a completely finished text, down to the last comma, and some cover lettering and text for the back, so am looking out old reviews as they give some credence to the project.

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    1. Hello, Maria – It is good to hear from you – yes, it was quite a big decision to decide to do this picture book myself, but having had experience of large publishers, and also working with a smaller local publisher, I realise that these are two quite different worlds. I feel very personal about this story, and wanted to have control over the whole process, so I haven’t sent it out to any publishers at all. We have a very good book printer in Berwick on Tweed, just a few miles away, with whom I have worked before, and this makes all the difference, as I am kind of aware of the process; but having complete responsibility has been quite stressful (knowing a bit, rather than being totally wet behind the ears, can actually be quite inhibiting!). I have the money in the bank, for the printing of 3000 copies, and am looking to get it back, which I think I will (with the small local publisher we were selling 3000 – 4000 copies plus). If you do-it-yourself you concentrate on this one book, you can go on selling it over quite a long time, you often get to meet the people through whom, and sometimes to whom, you are selling it, and the process is actually very OK, once the stress of production is over. If you take this route, good luck, and I would like to know how you get on.

      1. Thank you for such a detailed answer, Cara. Unfortunately, I don’t have any connections or published books yet, so I’ll keep cowarding in the shadow for now, haha.
        Thank you once again, your experience is priceless. Was it hard to get your very first book published?

      2. Don’t cower in my shadow, it’s a such a small shadow! No, very easy to get my first book published. Much more difficult to get anything published these days – another reason why I eschewed publishers in this instance. Also one can do so much on home scanners, and it is good for me to get involved in something a tad risky!

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